We are a brand that focuses on skin health,
not skin perfection.

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We Advocate for Inclusiveness, openeness, freedom to love oneself & most importantly, information.

Brand Proposition

We are a brand that focuses on skin health, and showcases how healthy skin differs from person to person.

Our brand’s proposition is “to be truthful, to create skin aids and to provide safe products for everyday use.”

Made In England
Made In England
100% Organic
100% Organic
Cruelty Free
Cruelty Free
No Silicones
No Silicones
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CEO's Note

I grew up with acne, melanin disparities, hyperpigmentation and more. In fact, I used to hide myself because I would get humiliated by people.

Everything being marketed promised perfection & showcased high beauty standards I could never achieve. Skin bleaching, perfection, lighter skin and evenness from head to toe were praised, and a particular body type was deemed as the goal. As I got older, the emotional depression of not fitting in piled up. It affected my confidence, my self worth.

Additionally, I could also see that men weren’t involved in these conversations unless it had to do with perpetuating harmful strength & toxic masculinity.

However, in the last couple of years, I have started to see more people call out the beauty industry for unjust and exclusive marketing practices. People with stretch marks/acne/scars/ disabilities etc., different body sizes, men who practiced skincare came out to preach acceptance. I was truly inspired. I started doing research & building up knowledge. It was shocking to see how many people felt the same way, so many things that should be normal, validated and talked about with respect and openness weren’t.

Everyone should be a part of the beauty industry without conforming to harmful stereotypes.

So, I created Otse Noire to be a brand that not only creates safe & simple, cruelty-free products for people’s day-to-day skincare. But to highlight that healthy skin looks different for everyone.

Managing Director